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Let me share a bit about myself…

I am fortunate to have enjoyed a long career as an investor, financial commentator and investment advisor. I learned from many successful investors during my 25 years in the investment and trading industry. I now enjoy trading my own accounts full-time and through this website hope to give back to those who also aspire to find financial independence through investing.

Investing in penny stocks can make or break an investor. It follows a strategy of ‘pump and dump’ where a stock of low value is purchased by a person or group and then given wide publicity to ramp up its price. The person or group exits while the price is moving upwards. The price falls when the sheep realize the real value of the stock causing the eventual ‘dump’ with the retail investors selling out at any price. While some investors make loads of money others can have their investment wiped out.

I have created this website to guide the retail trader through effective strategies and methods to end up on the winning side of trading penny stocks. I offer reviews on various penny stock trading courses, lessons and strategies.  Through education and experience you will recognize the pump and the dump cycle and use this knowledge to profit.

By subscribing to my newsletter will learn how to cull out the relevant information from the large mass on data available online. I have always been a strong advocate of the use of safe but profitable strategies and would like to share my knowledge with you. The regular technical analysis, discussions on companies, charts and other investment related information will be of immense help to users. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter and I will do my best to share with you safe and profitable strategies to invest in penny stocks.


Wayne Aguilar