How To Choose The Best Penny Stocks

Practical Strategies To Choose Penny Stocks

Everybody wants to discover how to choose the best penny stocks, but not many people are willing to invest the time to learn. Trading penny stocks is fairly simple once you have learned the process, but it’s almost impossible if you’re not willing to about trading systems and to devise an effective trading plan. For the few people who are serious about the process theres some great opportunities that aren’t available to most people. When I say that it is great to be able to work a few hours a day from your home while earning much more money than most office slaves can ever make you should beleive me! For a Penny Stock trader to earn several thousand dollars in a morning is not unusual. You will have the freedom to spend more time with your wife and children; if you are like me then best of all you don’t have to wake up every morning while it is still dark to commute to your soul sucking full-time job.

The hardest part of picking penny stocks is to cut down on the options.

The most difficult issue when picking penny stocks is reducing the vast number of options to a manageable few. There are about 8,000 Over The Counter (OTC) listed penny stocks, but you need to ignore almost all of these if you want to choose the right penny stocks for your portfolio. There is no way to focus on a universe of stocks with thousands of items and worse yet most of these stocks hardly move in pricee. The big problem with penny stocks is that most have little or no trading activity. For this reason you should make sure that you avoid these lower volume penny stocks – you could even lose a lot of money. Shares with no volume can be manipulated quite easily to the upside or downside, so you must be careful not to be tempted by these seemingly immobile stocks regardless of how plausible the “story” seems. All these penny stocks will seem like they’re big companies with lots of potential, but under the surface they’re either terrible businesses or outright frauds. A great way to choose the best penny stocks is to choose all low trading volume penny stocks.

The best scanning program – no doubts!

Without a doubt the best way to start finding the best penny stocks to trade using an intraday and scanning program. I use Equity Feed, because it’s far and away the best scanner out there for MicroCap stocks. It’s very adaptable and you will be able to track any stock the second that any trading action gets under way. This capability can allow you to earn a lot of profits because you can get the stock at the lowest price before most of the competition understands that the stock is in play; you can then sell to the suckers who come late to the trade. I strongly suggest that you take a look at this program, because even if it’s not free, the cost is well worth it. Equity Feed offer a free fourteen day trial. Theres no better service that’ll allow you to find out how the best penny stocks to pick.

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